Rocketman (Salt E Liquid) – One Hit Wonder E Liquid



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Rocketman (Salt E Liquid) – One Hit Wonder E Liquid

The masters are back again. Rumours has it, they went to outer space and this time, the have returned with Rocket Man II. That’s Rocket Man Salt Nicotine. Have a seat and get ready to be schooled. One Hit Wonder E liquid, yet again, proves themselves to be ahead of the game. If you loved the delicious wonder of blueberries, crumbled and mixed into the deluxe silkiness of yogurt then layered with granola bits, you’re going to be absolutely stupefied when you see that one Hit Wonder is giving you an opportunity to vape this delectable flavor in a stronger nicotine consistency. Even better, you don’t have to bother about the harshness of the throat. I mean, if this isn’t heaven, we seriously don’t know what else can make the cut. The delectable taste this vape juice concoction brings is definitely unbeatable. One puff of this and you’d definitely be in awe of its awesomeness. It’s finger licking good, tongue smacking delicious. Remember those mornings when you woke up hungry, stressed and longing for an on the go breakfast that will keep you satisfied. Those kind of things are hard to find but One Hit Wonder found a way to package your wildest fantasies in a 100ml bottle. Rocket Man Salt Nicotine is your on the go breakfast/vape side kick combo and we are totally here for this. Go ahead and store your current ADV because Rocket Man Salt Nicotine is going to take its spot. No questions asked. Treat yourself to one of the finest things of life, purchase a bottle today. Good news travel fast and there is no guarantee how long this would last.

**This product is made with salt nicotine.**

Primary Flavors: Yogurt, Blueberry, Granola

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