The Many Benefits of Vaping

You couldn’t be blamed for thinking that e-cigs and vaping were bad. Let’s face it; there are hundreds of reports, all based little to no facts, that state that vaping is bad, the ingredients are bad, I have even heard people say that vaporizers are full of asbestos. Let’s face facts, if vaping didn’t pose a serious threat to big tobacco’s profit margins, no one would care less.

Five years ago, before vaping really took off, no one cared about it. Now that is has exploded around the world, countries are trying to rein it in. Every country in the world has different ideas about vaping and e-cigarettes, but the only thing that we as consumers can do is use our common sense to read between the lines.

A recent report undertaken by Public Health England has found that after numerous tests, that vaping is as much as 95% safer than smoking traditional smoking. Yep, 95% safer than smoking that is a massive difference. The report also found that 45% of smokers weren’t aware of how good vaping was for you, and how effective vaping could be as a means to quit smoking.

Sounds good, right? And that isn’t taking into account how much cheaper vaping is than smoking. Once you purchase your initial vaping setup, the only thing you have to buy is e-juice or e-liquid and replace your atomizers as they wear out. A cheap beginner’s kit will only set you back $30 – $40, and that is about what an average smoker spends in a few days on traditional cigarettes.

If you have been trying to quit smoking, but quite seem to break the habit, then it is the time that you gave vaping a whirl. The nicotine component of smoking is relatively quick to get over, breaking that habit of smoking is where it gets hard, no patches are ever going to cure that.

Remember, do your homework, read the forums, the articles, and the comments, before you make any decisions.